Robert A. Kraus has been a professional artist for over 30 years. He founded RAK Graphics in the early 1980s and is the creator of Chakan the Forever Man video game and graphic novella series. “RAK” has designed Dragon Warr, Coin Creatures and other game systems. He has done instructional videos, seminars, and makes guest appearances.


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TONY ISABELLA - creator and writer of Black Lightning; co-creator of Misty Knight and Tigra; writer Avengers, Black Goliath, Captain America, Champions, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Grim Ghost, Hawkman, Luke Cage, Rocket Racer, Spider-Man, Star Trek and many others.

Tony was born in Cleveland, Ohio - birthplace of Superman - on December 22, 1951. A 43-year veteran of the comics industry, he began his career in 1972 as an assistant to Stan Lee and Roy Thomas at Marvel Comics in New York City. He has been an editor and writer at Marvel and for many other publishers. At DC Comics, he created Black Lightning, the company’s first prominent African-American super-hero. With Bob Ingersoll, he co-wrote the prose novels Captain America: Liberty’s Torch and Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse and is the author of 1000 Comic Books You Must Read, one of comicdom’s most successful books of comics history and nostalgia. He was the lead reviewer for and a contributing editor of Comics Buyer’s Guide for over two decades. He now writes the daily “Tony Isabella’s Bloggy Thing” and has been a ghost-writer for a number of syndicated newspaper comic strips, creating several characters of color for the strips. He received the Inkpot Award at the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego. In 2015 and beyond, Isabella seeks to take a more active role in promoting diversity in comics and in his own writings. This will include examining his own work and that of others, as well as seeking artists, publishers and other creative people to partner with on new projects. Feel free to stop by Tony's table to discuss any and all of the above.